What is the difference between www.domain.com and domain.com?

The difference in coverage of www and non-www domains/subdomains is determined by technical features of a particular SSL product. Most of the certificates available on our website support automatic coverage of both www and non-www domains. Special attention should be paid to Comodo multi-domain certificates, since they do not provide a bonus www or non-www […]

How to generate a CSR code in cPanel

here are a few steps required to generate a CSR in cPanel. Following them you will successfully arrive at  the SSL activation step. First, log in to your cPanel account. In the Security section click on ‘SSL/TLS Manager   You will see the following options:       Step 1. Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR) You need to go […]

How to install a SSL certificate in cPanel

SSL installation via cPanel is a pretty simple process, even if you have no special technical skills. Prior to certificate installation do not forget to generate a CSR code. If it was not created yet, please refer to this article. Once SSL certificate files are received from a Certificate Authority, you can start certificate installation using […]

What is CSR?

What is a Certificate Signing Request? A Certificate Signing Request (CSR code) is a block of encoded text that contains the information about the organization that applies for an SSL certificate, and the domain that needs to be secured. A CSR is what you give to the COMODO Certificate Authority, to generate your SSL certificate. […]

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a data security tool that was designed to keep communication over the internet safe. Data sent via an SSL connection is protected by a mechanism called encryption that scrambles the data in transit to prevent theft and tampering. All SSL provide same encryption, however mechanisms of obtaining a certificate varies […]

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